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Why Choose IRA Advantage?

How a company sells itself is a very good indicator of the strength it perceives it possesses. We at IRA Advantage believe our ability to provide opportunities and solutions are our best strength; this ability sets us apart and has been our objective since the firm’s inception.

Investors create retirement accounts for one reason… financial security. In a world where the stock market has just experienced its worst decade ever, investors are looking for options. IRA Advantage was created to empower investors with the ability to decide for themselves what investments to make and to enable them to make those investments when they choose.

Every investor has a different objective. Though it may appear the Self-directed IRA process is straight forward, the combinations and options are endless. For example, a husband and wife would like to structure Self-directed IRAs and each of them has traditional accounts. If investing in real estate do they purchase the property in their IRA’s name or do they use an LLC? Do they structure one LLC or two? Is the property going to be owned by other investors as well? Do they have enough money in their retirement accounts to purchase the property? As you can see what appeared to be a simple transaction can get complicated very quickly…


IRA Advantage structures Self-directed IRAs. We review our Investors objectives and provide opportunities and solutions to reach those objectives. The primary service we provide the investment community is that of information. We had found the largest obstacle to the average investor’s ability to enjoy the benefits of a Self-directed IRA was simply the lack of good information available to them. We encourage investors whether working with us or someone else to contact us with their questions. As we always say, the only dumb question is the one left unasked…

In addition to being your resource we offer the following services:

Checkbook Advantage©
We create IRA LLCs that utilize our Checkbook Advantage© as well as establishing basic Self-directed accounts.

Employee Stock Option Plan Product

This involves organizing an entity, executing an employee stock option plan, and causing the employee’s various IRA/Pension funds to acquire stock in the company. This option works if we have a finite number of employees all of which could participate, i.e. any employee can participate and this may not be desirable.

“Franchise” Product

This involves organizing a corporation, executing a 401(k) plan, causing the “sole” employee’s pension plan to acquire all of the shares of the corporation and subsequently removing the ability of the pension to invest in the corporation’s shares.

Real Property Investment Company/Operating Company Product

This essentially involves an entity that consists mostly of IRA funds to hire or do business with disqualified persons by relying on an exception to the plan asset rule. If 20% or more of an entities assets are pension funds then the inside assets of the entity are considered plan assets for purposes of determining whether that entity can lease, sell, or in other ways participate in a prohibited transaction with a disqualified person.

General Multi-member LLC

As previously discussed you can have multi-member LLCs created with potentially disqualified persons as investors as long as they come together simultaneously.

As you can see, IRA Advantage offers a broad scope of products that offer opportunities and solutions to most investor’s needs.


Since 1991 we have provided the “conduit” to make an investment and we have always stayed clear of offering investments. Today, IRA Advantage continues with the philosophy of providing services that empower investors to make the investments they want, when they want. We have found that many potential investors and their professionals really appreciate our neutral position on any given investment. You do not have to worry about being sold investments by our firm. Whether you are an investor or investment advisor you can feel comfortable with the knowledge we desire to become a part of your investment team, we have no desire to become your investment team. We believe today’s investment world to be a complex one, we are here to help you make the investments you want to make.

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