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Self-Directed IRA: Your Video Guide

Watch this video to see the course your IRA takes in order to create your IRA Checkbook-LLC.

1 Your IRA funds are transferred to a “Self-Directed” custodian.

2 IRA Advantage creates a new IRA LCC with Checkbook Advantage ©.

3 Simply write checks from your account for investments.

Empowering Your Retirement In Three easy Steps

IRA Advantage arranges the transfer of the desired retirement funds to a new self-directed custodian. This is not an all or nothing proposition. It is possible to transfer all your funds or any portion of them.

1. IRA Advantage establishes a new account with a self-directed IRA custodian. After the account has been opened, the account will be funded by a transfer from your current custodian or simply with a new contribution.

2. IRA Advantage structures a new IRA-LLC of which your IRA is the member. Often the IRA owner is the manager of the new LLC.

3. IRA Advantage opens a new bank account for the IRA-LLC and coordinates the self-directed custodian’s funding of this new checking account. Checkbook Advantage® allows investors to acquire the investment they want, when they want it, doing so by merely writing a check.

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