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Your Retirement, Your Way

“Go confidently forward in the pursuit of your dreams; live the life you’ve imagined”

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Let IRA Advantage Show You the Flexibility & Power of a Self-Directed IRA

Don’t trust your retirement to a generic “one size fits all” approach. Retirement can include real estate, precious metals, or you can even start or invest in a small business. Make sure your retirement is when you truly live your dream.


Choose True Flexibility

Free yourself from traditional retirement investments by choosing a self-directed IRA or an individual 401k plan from IRA Advantage. We’ll structure a plan that offers you the flexibility to choose the retirement investments that make sense for you. Insist on flexibility.


Choose Personal Service

Insist on getting the personal service your retirement deserves. We’ll sit down with you to find out where you are and where you want to go. In contrast, other firms offer their “one size fits all approach”. Choose to fund your retirement your way.


Choose Experience

IRA Advantage is a national leader in self-directed retirement planning. David Moore has authored numerous presentations, regularly offer retirement planning seminars, and appeared on popular radio shows. Put experience on your side.

Our self-directed retirement programs give you the flexibility, power, and control you need to live your retirement, your way!

Self-Directed IRA Options

Schedule your discovery call with our team of experts at IRA Advantage today!
Checkbook IRA | Real Estate Investments | 401K Buying a Business | Solo 401K


Meet The Principals Of IRA Advantage

David and Tom Moore pride themselves on empowering investors with the ability to decide for themselves what investments to make and to enable them to make those investments when they choose. They provide a wide range of flexible retirement investment options from their famous Checkbook IRA, to 401k plans that can be used to fund a small business.

“The Rollover Business Startup plan you provided was exactly what I was looking for… With the help of you and your team, I am now a true business owner with the necessary startup capitol to get my business off the ground. I look forward to sharing my experience with family and friends who have been thinking about doing the same thing.”
Larry Moccardine, Wise Guys IT Solutions, Inc.

David Moore And Tom Moore 2023

In 1991, David Moore, along with his brother Tom, founded Equity Advantage, a 1031 exchange company. In 2008, the Moores began IRA Advantage to expand their investor services to include self-directed IRAs.
Contact David Moore

Tom Moore is a co-founder and the CEO of Equity Advantage. Tom and his brother David have been working side-by-side serving investors at IRA Advantage for almost ten years.
Contact Thomas Moore

Schedule your discovery call with our team of experts at IRA Advantage today!

Understanding More About Self-Directed Retirement Investment

Self-directed retirement investing can offer you more freedom and flexibility than you ever thought possible.
Click through the tabs below to learn more about this exciting way to live your retirement, your way!

What's an IRA?

An IRA (Independent Retirement Account) is a tax-advantaged way of saving for retirement that first came into being in 1974, with the “traditional” IRA. In the years since, many other types of IRAs have come into being including the SEP IRA, the SIMPLE (savings Incentive Match for Employees) IRA, the Roth IRA, and the individual 401k.

The IRS technically defines an IRA as a “trust created in the United States for the exclusive benefit of an individual or his beneficiaries”. So, an IRA, like other trusts, has a trustor, a trustee, a trust beneficiary and trust assets.

As each type of IRA has different requirements to meet IRS guidelines, you’ll want to seek professional advice when considering investment in an IRA. Read More »

Checkbook IRA
Small Business Funding
Real Estate Investment
Precious Metals in an IRA

Make The Most Important Call You’ve Ever Made About Your Retirement!

Schedule your discovery call with our team of experts at IRA Advantage today!


Latest News – Videos – Audio Casts – Educational Opportunities

IRA Advantage Ask The Experts

Self-Directed IRA expert, David Moore co-founder IRA Advantage, interviews industry experts. Get the answers you have been looking for in this video series.

Life Insurance Polices The Value of Planning

Life Insurance Policies: The Value of Planning

Life Insurance Policies The Bad

Life Insurance Policies: The Bad

Life Insurance Policies The Good

Life Insurance Policies: The Good

IRA Advantage BlogCasts

Self-Directed IRA expert, David Moore co-founder IRA Advantage, answers what you want to know about IRA opportunities. Listen or read what you need to know about IRAs to live the retirement you want.

Self Directed Retirement Accounts Combining Personal And Plan Money Via Ira

Self-Directed Retirement Accounts – Combining Personal and Plan Money via IRA

Exploring The Latest Trends And Opportunities In Self Directed Ira's (2023)

Exploring the Latest Trends and Opportunities in Self-Directed IRA’s (2023)

Funding Solo vs. Combined Retirement Accounts

Funding Solo vs. Combined Retirement Accounts (Solo 401k’s, IRA’s, Multi-Member LLC’s & more)

IRA Advantage News

Extreme Basics

IRA Focus: Extreme Basics

Save Your Spot For Next Week's Webinar! So You Want A Gold Ira? Exploring Self Directed Retirement Accounts

Save Your Spot for Next Week’s Webinar! So You Want a Gold IRA? Exploring Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

So You Want A Gold Ira Exploring Self Directed Retirement Accounts

WEBINAR: So You Want a Gold IRA? Exploring Self-Directed Retirement Accounts – Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Gold And Iras

IRA Focus: Gold and IRAs

Where To Invest Your Self Directed Ira

IRA Focus: Where to Invest Your Self-Directed IRA

Buy Real Estate With A Retirement Account

Buy Real Estate With a Retirement Account

IRA into Real Estate Training Series

Ira Into Real Estate Training SeriesUnlock your IRA’s investment potential. Learn how to invest funds currently in your IRA into real estate in “Real Estate Today’s” 10 session series featuring host, Bob Nelson, and David Moore founder of IRA Advantage and Equity Advantage. Go to the series »

Buying Real Estate with Your Self-Directed IRA

Buying Real Estate With Your Self Directed Ira Video SeriesIRAs are proving to be a tremendous source of investment capital for real estate and other off Wall Street investments. Whether you are interested investing in land, houses or office buildings this video series by IRA Advantage has information for you. Go to the series »

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