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Self-Directed IRA Basics: Your Retirement, YOUR Way!

Have you believed that you could only use your IRA savings to invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds? Well actually you can use it for a whole lot more. You can invest in rental properties, precious metals, mortgage notes, cryptocurrency, even a business. It’s called a self-directed IRA and it’s all IRS approved. When set up properly, you have the ability to make IRS approved investments from your self-directed IRA checkbook. With a self-directed IRA you can invest in what you know.

To set it up, the people to know are David and Tom Moore and IRA Advantage. With over 26 years experience in self-directed IRAs and 1031 exchanges, IRA Advantage will make it simple and legal to set up a checkbook managed, self-directed IRA. You probably have questions. IRA Advantage has the answers. Why not find out how you can diversify your retirement savings and invest in what you know with a self-directed IRA from IRA Advantage.

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