Betting on StocksWhy bet on a stock increasing in value when you can buy the ultimate dividend paying investment? We believe in Real Estate and today is a great time for investors to buy.

It’s an interesting world we live in, consider the terms used to describe different investments in today’s world.

Wall Street considers “traditional” investments to be the ones offered through Wall Street; stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. Meanwhile investments such as precious metals and Real Estate are considered “alternative” investments. How can investments that have been around for thousands of years be considered alternatives while the sliced and diced offerings of Wall Street are accepted as traditional?

Today, Real Estate has so much to offer… Prices are still low and interest rates are at record lows. For the investor that is able to make an investment today they are almost sure to see an increase in value over coming years. With the cash flow, interest deductions and depreciation that an investment in Real Estate offers a gain in value is not necessary to give a positive return!

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