Stock IndexUrgency is not a word used to describe any aspect of today’s Real Estate market… In fact during a meeting this morning the genuine lack of urgency in today’s market was discussed and in fact blamed for the lack of market velocity.

When looking back a couple of years, to a time shortly after the market’s collapse there appeared to be a variety of reasons to do things sooner rather than later. Consider the following:

  • We were sure that interest rates would increase.
  • We were sure that capital gains tax rates were going to increase.
  • We were sure that inflation was going to occur.

All three of these ideas would have provided some market urgency, yet today not one of them provides enough to make things move.

So why should we do a deal today? Simply because Real Estate offers great opportunities today. Inflation will hit, interest rates will rise and taxes will increase but today’s lack of urgency enables buyers to work the deals they want and to close them when they want!

Today, the market’s lack of urgency could be an investor’s most powerful reason for investors to move now.

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