Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson, CCIM Eugene Real Estate Broker

Tangible Assets such as Real Estate and Gold have historically been great hedges against inflation. Unlike Gold, Real Estate enjoys the added benefit of being …

The Ultimate Dividend Paying Investment!

If you have a retirement account with over $200,000, and would be more comfortable with

  • cash flow real estate
  • trust deed instruments
  • lending to others

Or you simply want a more stable and secure retirement portfolio this seminar is for you!

David Moore

David Moore IRA Advantage

Attend this free seminar and learn how to unlock your IRA’s investment potential by making real estate investments.

Buy real estate today with your IRA

When: Tuesday, November 15th 7:00-9:00 pm

Where: Phoenix Inn, 850 Franklin Blvd, Eugene

To Register Call: (541) 687-2232