IRA-AdvantageSmall business owner or self-employed individuals without any employees other than a spouse should consider the advantages of a Solo 401(k)  plan. You maybe an investor familiar with IRAs – traditional or ROTH, but you may not be aware of this great option; the Solo 401(k). Forming and administering a Solo 401(k) easy and cost effective. You can be the Trustee of your own plan and making investments is as simple as investing with a Checkbook IRA. As Trustee, you write a check for the plan’s next investment!

6 Advantages of a Solo(k) over any IRA

  1. Can make ROTH contributions
  2. Increased annual contributions
  3. No UBIT on leveraged Real Estate
  4. No Custodian required
  5. Can invest in Life Insurance and “S” Corporation stock
  6. Borrow 50% of the 401(k)’s value up to $50,000

As you can see, the Solo 401(k) has many advantages over a self-directed IRA. We can get you started making the investments of your choosing in three easy steps!

  1. Create the new Solo 401(k) plan
  2. Establish a bank account in your new plan’s name
  3. Fund the plan’s new checking account via rollover or new contribution

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