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2020 was a rough year… with one exception being Wall Street’s phenomenal gains. With this said, the end of 2020 brought renewed interest in our self-directed retirement services. Many of our clients today simply want to further diversify their holdings beyond Wall Street.

Since it is possible to invest in anything other than life insurance contracts, collectibles, and stock in a sub S-Corp, we see a great variety of investments being made. The laws have not changed since the inception of Retirement Accounts in the mid 70’s. A truly self-directed retirement account will empower investors the ability to legally invest in anything the law allows… not just Wall Street’s offerings. In the last month alone we have had clients make the following investments:

Real Estate
We have had clients acquire investment houses and land.

There have been investments made in Real Estate notes. Typically the notes are low loan to value and are in first position. In some cases the notes are being acquired at discounted values.

Clients have made business loans for both start-ups and existing businesses.

Crypto Currency
We have had clients invest in crypto currency.

Rollover Business Startups. A “ROBS” business is a business owned by an investors 401k plan, it is possible for the investor to be employed by a company owned by his or her 401k. Read more on ROBS below

These investments represent merely a few of the opportunities available. Accounts structured by IRA Advantage give investors the ability to invest in Wall Street’s offerings as well as virtually any other legitimate investment.

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It is important to once again stress we do not offer investments nor investment advice, IRA Advantage merely provides the vehicle to make the investments our clients desire to make.

What is a ROBS?
ROBS is the acronym for Rollover Business Startup. The process has been utilized for years and there have been thousands of new business’ started using the process. So how does it work?

  1. Create your new company 401k plan.
  2. Rollover your current Retirement Plan into your new company 401k.
  3. Your new 401k invests in the business’ new C-Corporation. The shares of the new C-Corporation are now owned by your new company retirement plan.

You are now ready to acquire the new business!

If the business costs more than you have available in your retirement account it is possible for you to invest with your retirement account. Yes, it is possible to jointly own the business though timing is critical. Any joint ownership between disqualified parties requires investment to be made simultaneously.

As the old saying goes; be prepared. When negotiating the purchase of a new business for a retirement account all negotiation should be done in the account’s name or if the 401k’s C-Corporation has been completed in the C-Corporation’s name.

Although buying a business with your retirement account is not a difficult process, thorough understanding of the legal issues, planning and preparation are essential. The retirement account must be able to make the acquisition and cover any costs the investment may require. The process to establish a Rollover Business Startup typically takes two to four weeks.


Self-Directed IRA Investment Options for the Future… Why Be Stuck on Wall Street? (1 Hr.)

This free one-hour webinar will discuss the basics of investing in real estate with your self-directed IRA. The class is taught by David Moore on Thursday, January 28th at 10:00 am Pacific Time for 1 Oregon Credit Hour.

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Real estate has been sold as an “alternative” investment by Wall Street, yet there is little if any investment that is more REAL. Today more than ever tangible assets such as real estate offer stability and dependability that just is not possible from the securities world. Find out how to invest retirement accounts in real estate, notes, and loans! A truly self directed account will allow you to own anything you currently own, plus anything the law allows.

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1031’s For Today: Exchange Stories You Won’t Forget! (1 Free Credit)

This webinar is taught by David Moore of Equity Advantage, and will take place on Wednesday, January 27th at 10:00 am Pacific Time for 1 Oregon Credit Hour.

1031's for Today - Exchange Stories You Won't Forget

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Why should someone sell if they have nowhere to go? See why today more than ever 1031 exchanges are necessary to keep investor’s equity working for them! This informative class covers 1031 exchange fundamentals and a case study of recently structured deals. So you think you lost money on your real estate… Gain has nothing to do with profit, and even a loss to foreclosure or short-sale can trigger phantom gain. Find out how 1031’s are more important today than ever before!

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How to Use Life Insurance as an Asset! With Expert Guest Art Scevola of The Asher Group

Are you considering lapse/surrender of a universal life or convertible term policy? Have you had a change in health since the policy was issued? Or have you had your life insurance policy appraised? These are just a few of the reasons to have your life settlement re-evaluated today…

Join David Moore of Equity Advantage and our guest Art Scevola, Sales Vice President of The Asher Group as they cover everything you need to know about life settlements. Stop thinking of life insurance as an asset you can only utilize when you’re dead!

Life insurance is an asset that you own, it belongs to you, and it’s your property. It is your right to sell it if you no longer need the coverage, it has become unaffordable, or if you just need cash now. Don’t settle for what the insurance carrier is willing to give you if you don’t have to!

Head to our channel and watch as owner of Equity Advantage and IRA Advantage, David Moore speaks on the basics of 1031 exchanges and self-Directed IRA’s in today’s market!

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