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What Is a Truly Self-Directed Retirement Account?

A self-directed IRA allows a large amount of freedom in your investing options, but not all firms offering “self-directed” retirement accounts are truly self-directed. You should have the ability to invest in everything from real estate to precious metals to even starting your own business, so why limit yourself? David Moore of IRA Advantage explains how to spot the difference.

What You Will Learn in This Video

  • How different firms use the term self-directed
  • What defines a truly self-directed account
  • What types of investments are allowed by law

Watch the video or read the full transcript below to learn about the various investment avenues available to your self-directed retirement account and how to find out which IRA firms only offer limited investing.

Read the Full Transcript

Truly understanding what your retirement options are takes the help of an expert. A simple call to IRA Advantage will get you the advice you need. Give us a call today, 503-619-0223.


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