Which is better: Investing with IRA funds or investing with your own funds? Self-directed IRAs are a source of money outside the traditional mutual funds or stocks, but there are some rules that go along with them. Join Tina Colson and David Moore of IRA Advantage as they explain the pros and cons.

What You Will Learn

  • The pros and cons of investing with IRA funds vs personal funds
  • The limiting factors behind investing with an IRA vs personal funds
  • The rules behind investing with IRA funds
  • Whether a situation calls for investing with IRA funds vs personal funds

Watch the video or read the full transcript below to learn the pros and cons of both investment options to better understand which choice is right for you as an investor.

Read the Full Transcript

IRAs are a popular method of investment for retirement. But, as David notes, you need to focus on your investment goals and decide just what you want. His best advice is ‘pick up the phone and give us a call’, 503-619-0223!