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The Latest Self-Directed IRA Information – Moving from Wall Street to Main Street

If you have been thinking about making the move from Wall Street to Main Street, our upcoming webinar, IRA Investment Options for the Future, is for you. Join us online for the last information about how today more than ever tangible assets such as Real Estate offer stability and dependability that just is not possible from the securities world.

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IRA Investment Options for the Future Webinar

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022
10:00 – 11:00 AM PST
1 Oregon Credit Hour

Can’t make it? You should still register! Anyone who signs up will receive a copy of the slides and a link to view the session again. For more information check out our webinar announcement post or give us a call at 800-475-1031.


August Deal of the Month

Our IRA owner this month happens to be a real estate broker that attended one of our seminars on IRAs and Real Estate. After attending the class it took the broker little thought to understand the opportunities the current real estate market offers.

She contacted IRA Advantage to create a checkbook IRA and promptly began the search for her IRA’s next investment. She found the perfect opportunity in an investment home that did not have it’s bathrooms or kitchen completed and thus was not financeable. A deal was struck for a great price based upon the need for a cash purchase and in a great act of compassion there was a side agreement made; upon a future sale 30% of the net profits would be paid to the seller.

When the home recently sold the IRA had made a profit of $150k and the home’s original owner was given a check for almost $50k! This transaction is a great example of an investor being able to utilize unique knowledge to Invest in What They Know!

Move your money from Wall Street to Main Street today.

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Check out our video channel for all of the Self-Directed Basics!

There are a multitude of options available to modern families who want to begin planning for the best financial futures they can possibly have… But the self-directed IRA is one choice that has been gaining popularity. Self-directed IRA accounts are often referred to as checkbook IRA accounts.

Tune into our latest blogcast update and simply give us a call to begin the process. One of our helpful staff members will answer any questions you may have about the benefits that come with establishing a checkbook IRA fund!

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The Guys With All The Answers…

The Guys with All the AnswersDavid and Thomas Moore, the co-founders of Equity Advantage & IRA Advantage

Whether working through a 1031 Exchange with Equity Advantage, acquiring real estate with an IRA through IRA Advantage or listing investment property through our Post 1031 property listing site, we are here to help Investors get where they want to be. Call them today! 800-475-1031.

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