IRAs are an untapped resource of money available for investments other than traditional mutual funds or stock. According to the federal government in mid-2007 there was roughly $4.6 trillion held in IRAs.

Today’s finance market has severely hampered an investor’s ability to get money, regardless of their credit. Consider the use of your IRA for the acquisition of your next investment. Whether you are a Real Estate Broker trying to make a deal or an Investor trying to buy one, IRAs are a source of financing. IRA Advantage’s LLC Checkbook places this money merely a check away.

Financing... IRAs are an Untapped Money Resource

What Can I Buy?

  • Purchase real estate
  • Act as a partner in real estate
  • Purchase real estate options
  • Purchase a real estate lease
  • Consummate a short sale
  • Purchase a pre-foreclosure
  • Purchase a foreclosure (HUD included)

Some assets are prohibited from being placed in the IRA. The list of prohibited assets may be found in IRS Publication 590 at


  • Life insurance contracts
  • Commingling of funds (unless in a common trust fund or common investment fund).
  • Some collectibles


IRA Advantage was created to empower the investors we have worked with for the past eighteen years. Throughout this time the staff of Equity Advantage has fielded questions on IRAs and their investment in Real Estate. IRA Advantage, an affiliate of Equity Advantage is the result of these questions and requests. We utilize proven procedures to enable IRA holders flexibility and ease of investment while maintaining your IRA’s integrity.

With IRA Advantage’s Checkbook LLC structure you receive a time tested procedure that literally gives you the flexibility of writing a check when the investment opportunity arises. No more waiting for a custodian to rationalize your next investment. Prepare for your future today, call IRA Advantage to set up your IRA Checkbook!

Before making an investment in Precious Metals, IRA Advantage recommends you confirm the investment is IRA compliant. Consult the dealer and your tax counsel.

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