It’s Easy to Buy Real Estate with Your IRA!

Diversification is the key to risk management in today’s investment world. Simply follow these easy steps to your next investment:

Purchase of Property

1. Contact IRA Advantage to establish a truly self-directed IRA account with Checkbook Advantage©.

2. Find the desired investment and negotiate the purchase. The purchase agreement should be written between the seller and the IRA or the IRA’s new LLC. Any money required for earnest money, inspections, etc. should be funded using Checkbook Advantage© and cannot come from the IRA’s owner or other disqualified sources.

3. If financing is necessary, the loan must be to the IRA or it’s LLC and non-recourse to the IRA’s owner.

4. Use Checkbook Advantage© to write the check for the purchase of the new investment. It’s that simple!

Steps to IRA Real Estate Ownership

Get Ready Today

As you can see, purchasing a property with your IRA is a simple process when utilizing IRA Advantage’s Checkbook Advantage©. Planning and preparation are essential because the IRA must be able to make the acquisition. The process to empower your IRA takes roughly four weeks, though when established a purchase is merely a written check away. Establish your truly self-directed IRA today and you will be ready when the opportunity arises.

IRA Advantage

IRA Advantage was created to make the purchase of Real Estate and other non-traditional investments as simple as writing a check. Call IRA Advantage today to unlock your retirement’s potential and begin building for the future!

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