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IRA Focus: Getting into Real Estate with an IRA

Getting Into Real Estate With An Ira 2023

This collection of articles is a cross section of IRA Advantage’s explainer blog posts about making that first step into real estate investing with your self-directed IRA. Real estate investment is always an excellent addition to your portfolio and these articles are a great place for real estate beginners to start!

What Is A Real Estate IRA?

You may have heard of a ‘Real Estate IRA’ and wondered what they are and how they compare to other IRAs. In this episode of our popular blogcast series, we’ve asked IRA Expert David Moore to explain everything.

How Do You Make That First Real Estate Purchase With Your IRA?

Americans should invest at least 25% of their retirement funds in real estate, and investing tax-deferred and tax-free funds in real property is very appealing.

IRA Into Real Esate

IRA Into Real Estate Series

Unlock your IRA’s investment potential. Learn how to invest funds currently in your IRA into real estate in “Real Estate Today’s” 10 session series featuring host, Bob Nelson, and David Moore, founder of IRA Advantage and Equity Advantage.

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The Guys With All The Answers…

The Guys with All the AnswersDavid and Thomas Moore, the co-founders of Equity Advantage & IRA Advantage Whether working through a 1031 Exchange with Equity Advantage, acquiring real estate with an IRA through IRA Advantage or listing investment property through our Post 1031 property listing site, we are here to help Investors get where they want to be. Call them today! 800-475-1031.

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