When the Equity Advantage Team established IRA Advantage in 2008, we did so in an effort to satisfy our exchangor’s desire to diversify their IRA/401k into Real Estate and other tangible assets. At the time, our clientele shifted from Real Estate Investment to Investment Salvage and finally Rollover Business Startups. During those dark days we created lifelines for people who had lost their jobs and their only funds to create a new livelihood were their IRA or 401k plans.

Today you may be wondering once again what the future holds, so find out whether you qualify for better opportunities! Taught by David Moore of IRA Advantage, LLC.

This presentation will cover:
Lost Your Job? Start Your New Business with a Rollover Business Startup!
Have a 401k plan? A change in job can bring access to the funds!
Have a Property Under Water? You May be Able to Pay it Off with Your Retirement Account!
Diversify Beyond Wall Street, buy Real Estate, Notes, Loans, Precious Metals and more!
See Your Perfect Retirement Home? Buy it Today with Your Retirement Account!

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