Diversifying with 401k

Well, this month the IRA of the month is actually the 401k of the month… A business owner wanted to diversify his retirement account’s holdings by adding real estate. He was interested in using a portion of his 401k account to make the investment.

The investor found a parcel of property near the beach in Mexico that he believed would make a good investment. The investor is confident in the property’s future value and wanted to make the investment.

A new LLC was formed to acquire and own the property. The 401k was modified to allow self-direction and then it acquired shares of the new LLC. The LLC then established a business checking account and the shares of the LLC were purchased by the 401k which funded the checking account.

The LLC then made the investment in the property which is held in trust by a qualifying bank and will hold it until the desired return has been achieved or the property is taken as a distribution in the future.

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When looking at today’s investment options for IRAs, Real Estate is often looked at as an “alternative investment”. In reality it has been possible to acquire real estate with IRA funds since the mid seventies, and today the opportunities available make Real Estate a very attractive option. Check out our Self-Directed YouTube Channel for all you need to know about this powerful investment tool!

When it comes to purchasing Self-Directed IRA investments, are you allowed to combine personal and plan money? It IS possible to add funds within your annual contribution limits, in the event the real property or other investment assets requires additional funds… However with that said, it is important that investments in real estate using qualified funds are done conservatively with suitable reserves.

New Risk Factors Involved with the IRA & How to Avoid Them

When it comes to investing with your Self-Directed IRA, what are the risk factors involved? Is this something that is available to the average investor? Join Tina Colson and David Moore of IRA Advantage as they cover the benefits and pitfalls of Self-Directed IRA Investing, and how you can get started today! Stay tuned for more.

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