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Self-Directed IRA Investing – How Do YOU Want to Own Something?

Using IRA Funds vs. YOUR Funds… which is better to use, and can you combine the sources of funding? Self-Directed IRA’s are an untapped source of money for investments outside the traditional mutual funds or stocks, but there are some rules that go along with them. If you had the option… is it better to use your IRA to invest in something, or your own funds?

What Are the Risk Factors Involved with Self-Directed IRA Investing? Benefits & Pitfalls…

When it comes to investing with your Self-Directed IRA, what are the risk factors involved? Is this something that is available to the average investor? Join Tina Colson and David Moore of IRA Advantage as they cover the benefits and pitfalls of Self-Directed IRA Investing, and how you can get started today

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Capital Improvements:

For land or buildings, improvements (also known as capital improvements) are the expenses of permanently upgrading your property rather than maintaining or repairing it. Instead of taking a deduction for the cost of improvements in the year paid, you add the cost of the improvements to the basis of the property. If the property you improved is a building that is being depreciated, you must depreciate the improvements over the same useful life as the building.

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The Guys with All the AnswersDavid and Thomas Moore, the co-founders of Equity Advantage & IRA Advantage

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