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How Do You Make That First Real Estate Purchase With Your IRA?

According to a recent national article, Americans should invest at least 25% of their retirement funds in real estate. Investing tax-deferred and tax-free retirement funds in real property is very appealing. Ready to make your first purchase? Take a look at your options and we can help you get started today.

First option:

  1. The taxpayer establishes a new account at a Self-directed IRA Custodian
  2. The taxpayer funds the new Self-directed IRA account.
  3. The taxpayer directs the custodian to have the IRA acquire the investment.

Second option:
Use an IRA LLC (Derived from legal tax case in 1996: Swanson v. Commissioner.)

  1. Retirement accounts are transferred to a ‘self-directed’ custodian.
  2. IRA Advantage creates a new LLC with checkbook control of your IRA account.
  3. Simply write checks for your new retirement investments.

The Checkbook LLC allows investors to acquire investments simply by writing a check while using a self-directed custodian saves money to set up.

Call IRA Advantage today at 800-475-1031 to review your opportunities and the best path to your next investment. One of experts will answer any questions you may have about the benefits that come with investing retirement funds in real estate with an IRA.

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