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How and Why to Use IRA Funds for Real Estate Investments – Video Mini Course

How and Why to Use IRA Funds for Real Estate Investments - Video Mini Course

In these times you may be wondering what the future holds. Find out whether you qualify for better opportunities with your IRA Today! This video mini course covers the how and the why of using IRA funds to invest in real estate.

Want to find even more information and advice about real estate investing with self-directed IRAs? Check out IRA Advantage’s Video Library and subscribe to IRA Advantage’s YouTube channel for more self-directed IRA investment knowledge.

IRA Advantage Video Library

IRA Advantage YouTube Channel

5 Ways Your Retirement Account Can Be the Bridge to Your Future!

This webinar covers the basics of investing with your self-directed IRA in the current turbulent market. Watch to learn what new opportunities may be available to you.

Check out all the details about the webinar here.

How to Access IRA Funds before You Are 59 1/2!

Learn how the disruption in work caused by COVID-19 could be the opportunity for many to access their IRA funds before they are 59 ½, allowing you to start the business you always wanted.

The full article on accessing IRA funds can be found here.

How to Buy Your First Rental Property with an IRA

Watch to see how to buy your first rental property with self-directed IRA funds. Buying your first rental property is not that hard- it just takes a plan.

You can find the full article about purchasing a rental property here.

How Does a Self-Directed IRA Work, and Who Qualifies?

This video explains who counts as a qualified and disqualified party for the purposes of self-directed IRA transactions. Learn what transactions you can and cannot participate in.

Take a look at the full article discussing self-directed IRAs and who qualifies here.

While we’re still at home, further your investing with what you can do right now: learning about the investment tools and strategies that will guide your investing future. Watch the videos above and in our Video Library to kickstart your journey with a self-directed IRA.

Want to start your investing off right? The professionals at IRA Advantage are here to help give you the advice and expertise that you need. Give IRA Advantage a call today. 503-619-0223.

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